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As I said many times throughout the last tab, I plan on writing a much more thorough book, which comprises the topics you just read about, as well as many, many more.  I am going to follow-through with this plan no matter what.  My belief system must be encapsulated and distributed: 1) because I believe it rather therapeutic, and 2) because it is the basis for the missions of my future entrepreneurial endeavors.  The only question is how long is it going to take to complete?  I have the framework figured out, as far as intent, topics, and voice, but I will need to do a great deal of research, surveys, and interviews to show there is plenty of support for my points.  This is not something I will be able to do effectively and efficiently if my attention is divided with a full-time job.  Thus, upon release from the USAF (whenever that may be), I will rely on you for the support needed to succeed.

There are three ways in which you can get involved and help ensure the "Baseline Your Life" system is spread far and wide sooner rather than later.  Each level builds upon the last.


Level 1: Be Conscientious

In general, no matter who you are or your situation, if you believe strongly in the principles outlined on the previous tab (and even if you don't), you can begin your involvement by simply being conscientious.  Find ways to become aware of the cycle and then work to end it.  I recommend by starting with basic manners.  Many people think manners are a thing of the past, but they are the surest way to show people around you that you know you are accountable for your actions and responsible for the consequences.  Move up to finding small ways in which you contribute to the cycle of harm and work to cease them.  Maybe you deal with a lot of "difficult" customers at your work, and while you might be courteous to them you instantly degrade them to your coworkers, which is really just insecurities masked by pride.  You'd be surprised how many things you'll find.


Level 2: Be a Partner

Those who are willing and able to offer their time and services for the movement could be partners.  The assistance you provide could be as simple as sharing the message and work being done through every possible means, especially through social media, which you can begin doing below.  Even though the book is no where near completed, I'll make regular installments and progress reports available, primarily through my blog.  There may come a time when you could help me organize a gathering, such as a personal presentation by me, or full scale conference.  It'd be great to see you draw in huge crowds through whatever means you can!  Lastly, a select few of you may wish to offer your expertise.  I'll certainly need quality proofreading and you'll very likely find other ways to directly support my efforts.  I look forward to that!  Of course, there will be an opportunity for all of you to tell the world you're involved in the movement by making a confession on www.imthesolution.org.


Level 3: Be an Investor

Those who are in a position to offer your financial support for the movement will be investors.  My plan is to begin a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and perhaps elsewhere.  It is in such campaigns that I will present the immense importance of my completing the "Baseline Your Life" book as soon as possible.  I will explain how I am fully confident in my abilities to complete the book within a year, provided writing the book is my full-time job.  That's going to require an estimated $50K in living expenses, which I will break out fully there.  Once I have significant portions of the book completed, I will seek additional capital from other investors for the book's publication and the accompanying promotional material, such as upgrades to this website.  Of course, your level of investment will grant you varying levels of perks.  This too, will be broken out concisely on the crowdfunding campaign's page.  Links to said campaigns will be forthcoming, but if in the meantime you are already willing to support me, please do so using the following button:

If you just clicked that button, you have no idea how grateful I am!  You're financial support shows you have confidence in me to succeed.  I will not let you down!


And with that, I better get back to work!!  Thank you for taking the time to look over this website.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments using the form below, my personal site, or my social media accounts.  Whatever works best for you.

That's it!  Be sure to take care of yourselves and each other.